How Do I Know My "Normal" Weight?

As an Intuitive Eating counselor, I get this question a lot: “Will Intuitive Eating help me lose weight?” Eesh. What a loaded question. But my answer is simple: I don’t know. Nobody knows. And it’s OK that nobody knows because Intuitive Eating is not about weight loss. Intuitive Eating is being able to tap into your body’s internal wisdom, and trust it to do it’s job. Some people lose weight. Some people gain weight. Some people remain the same weight. There is no one “perfect” weight and having a narrow view of your “ideal” weight only sets you up for body dissatisfaction, disappointment, and diminished self-worth. Weight fluctuates with life stage and transitions and that is NORMAL and OK.

Today I am answering the following listener questions on the BodyLove Project Premium Podcast to dig into this topic a little bit deeper.

  • How do you define set point weight?
  • Would a HAES perspective support gastric bypass as a way to help an individual return to their set point weight if Intuitive Eating alone won’t help?
  • I know that when you’re under your set point weight as a result of anorexia nervosa it’s impossible to be intuitive about nourishing a body that was achieved through restriction - can the same be said of people above their set point due to disordered eating behaviors?
  • I always read people saying that your body will gain weight if “needs” to gain weight. But what if I am already at a heavier starting weight when I start IE, and I am still gaining weight? I sometimes feel like the “it’s ok to gain weight” doesn’t pertain to me.

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