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When I first started my business, I was asked to host a weight loss competition at a local corporation. I was pleased to find at the end of the contest nearly all contestants lost weight, and were happy with the result! However, I (and participants) felt defeated when I returned the following year only to find that the weight came back, and then some. It definitely made me think... "what's the point?"

If you're familiar with the corporate wellness model, you know that many programs and incentives around "health" in the workplace are centered around weight loss. Unfortunately the research (and my clinical experience) shows that weight does not equal wellness. In fact, the research shows weight cycling is actually more detrimental to our health than just remaining at the higher weight to begin with. So, why continue with a model that simply doesn't work and diminishes our confidence and self worth in the process?

Since I couldn't find one good reason to continue in this paradigm, I decided to shift my focus from weight loss to wellness. And while my programs might not make for a good competition, I can guarantee it will have a much more profound and sustainable impact on the health of your employees, and your organization as a whole. If you're interested in bringing me to your company to host a Break Free From the Diet Cycle Workshop or MasterClass Series, or contracting me for Onsite Private Nutrition Therapy, scroll down to learn more, or contact me directly and we can set up a time to talk. 

Break free from the diet cycle

If your employees are tired of being "on a diet" or "off a diet" with the company weight loss competitions, they need this workshop! In this 90-minute interactive workshop, I help participants ditch the diet mentality and instead learn tools to tap into their body's intuition by creating a flexible food structure, learning how to honor their internal hunger and fullness cues, and practicing mindful eating. This workshop includes a supplemental Powerpoint presentation, personal worksheet, and email support for participants up to one week after the workshop. This can be done onsite, or via video conference. 

Break free from the diet cycle -  masterclass series

This four-part series consists of four, 90-minute* interactive workshops that build on each other each session. The upside of scheduling a series of workshops is that it allows participants to go home and actually put their new insights into action, knowing that they can return the following week or month armed with questions and feedback. Because these principles are not a simple "eat this, don't eat that" diet, it often fosters introspection and allows for an interesting back and forth between myself and participants. This series includes a supplemental Powerpoint presentation, personal workbook, and unlimited email support for participants between sessions. These sessions can be done onsite or via video conference. We recommend booking weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly for best results.

Series Outline

  • Session 1: How to Break Free From the Dieting Cycle
  • Session 2: Diet Mentality Deep Dive & Group Coaching Session
  • Session 3: Addressing Weight Concerns and Improving Body Image
  • Session 4: Emotional Eating and Feelings of Food Addiction

Onsite Private Coaching

Our relationship with food and our bodies is a sacred, and often shameful topic to talk about. Many employees simply don't feel comfortable sharing their medical history and personal story in the presence of their coworkers and can benefit from private coaching. 

I am available to contract for onsite* Private Nutrition Therapy. Together, we will customize a package and schedule that works best for your organization, and I will share best practices for designing a successful corporate wellness program. 

*Available in the Greater Boston Area

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