the bodylove project

When I started my business, I couldn't wait to combine personal training skills with my nutrition knowledge to help my clients lose weight and feel their best. As I continued down this road I learned that a staggering number (read: almost all) women were participating in my programs because they hated their bodies. They would start our sessions by pinching and prodding the specific inches of their body they wish were different, or worse, gone. They would commit to a diet for a week, or two, or six, and then sure enough, fall all too easily back into old habits. And while they were really successful at losing weight in the short term, they were having trouble finding long term success.

For a while I remained stumped on how to help my clients find a long-term weight-loss solution. Luckily, it didn’t take me long to realize that my work went so much deeper than prescribing a diet just to lower the number on the scale. This realization forced me to wonder: how do we apply our knowledge of nutrition in the real world and care for our whole selves without becoming crazy obsessed with our diet and weight? The answer is multifaceted (which is why I’ve made an entire career out of answering this question), and it starts with reversing our equation on self-love.

Most of us begin from a place of I-hate-my-body-and-I’m-going-to-diet-it-into-submission and then I will love my body. But what most health professionals don’t tell you is that both health and self-love are available to you today, regardless of your size. Real change comes not only from ditching the diet, but ditching the diet mentality. It also requires stepping off the scale once and for all. It takes a lot of work, but I’ve found it’s work worth doing.

I know that it might not be geographically, logistically, or financially possible for you to work with me on an individualized basis. That's why I've created the BodyLove Project, a portal where you can learn and grow with me and other like-minded professionals. The BodyLove Project consists of four components:

The BLP Podcast

In a nutshell, this podcast is about loving your body. The big question now is... how do we do that? What does loving your body even look like? Throughout this series I interview experts and real people on topics including intuitive eating, body positivity, Health at Every Size, and weight inclusive wellness. You can listen to the episodes via the blogs below, or save yourself the headache and subscribe in iTunes.


These recipes are my ode to moderation. They don't fall under a particular "fad" diet, although I like to think there is something for everyone. These recipes are all quick and easy!

The BLP YouTube Channel

The BodyLove Project YouTube Channel was birthed out of my desire to create workout videos that didn't talk about how to "get rid of cellulite" or how to "banish back fat" but instead, get you moving in a way that feels freaking good. These workouts are intelligently designed to help you connect to your body and challenge you to find the flow between grace and strength with each exercise. 

Advice & Guidance

Sometimes I have stuff to say and advice to give. Most of these posts are based off of my real life experiences, living in our fat-phobic diet culture. Leave a comment to start a a conversation!