The BodyLove Project Podcast

In a nutshell, this podcast is about loving your body. The big question now is... how do we do that? What does loving your body even look like? Throughout this series I interview experts and real people on topics including intuitive eating, body positivity, Health at Every Size, and weight inclusivity. You can listen to the episodes via the blogs below, and make sure to subscribe in iTunes so you never miss an episode! If you love the podcast and want even more, consider becoming a BLP Patreon Supporter for exclusive access to the BodyLove Project Premium Podcast. As a Patreon Supporter you'll receive additional weekly bonus podcast episodes that will feature more educational, practical and tangible resources. Bonus episodes will include Q/As with questions submitted by listeners, guided movement and meditation exercises, how-to guides, and more practical advice on how to put some of the insights I talk about on the BLP podcast, into action. 

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