Nutrition & Body Image Coaching Skills for Personal Trainers

How to Help Without Harming

As personal trainers we’re taught to educate, motivate, and inspire our clients. We frame our services as the “ultimate accountability tool”. We attract clients who want to change their body and change their life. We are taught to cheerlead them through every pound and inch lost, and help them stay consistent with their workouts so they can “get results fast”. Our clients look to us for validation about their dedication to their program, how many calories they burned in a session, and how “good” they were on their diet. We high five them, and of course share every before and after picture on Instagram.

We get so caught up in the #fitspo (fitness inspiration) of it all, that we don’t realize how much our industry glorifies, or at the very least, normalizes disordered eating and exercise behaviors and promotes and exacerbates body shame and dissatisfaction. 

But... on the other hand, we know that nutrition and exercise science can be used to support our client's (and our own!) physical and emotional wellbeing, which is why we got into this profession in the first place, right? We want to help. We want to offer support and guidance. And we want our clients to be healthy. But, what most health professionals don't know (despite strong evidence to support this claim) is that most diet and exercise programs done in the name of "weight loss" do more harm than good. So why on earth would we waste our time promoting health-harming practices?

Unfortunately, as personal trainers, we don’t receive any training when it comes to nutrition and body image coaching. We learn about anatomy and physiology, how to do a perfect squat, and how to keep our clients safe with exercise. But if your career path has been anything like mine, you quickly learn that you can't compartmentalize wellbeing. While it's important to honor our scope of practice, and refer out when necessary, having some basic nutrition and body image coaching skills to help supplement the amazing work we already do as trainers can not only make our clients healthier and happier in the long run, it can establish us as a responsible, ethical, and knowledgeable professional who truly has our client's best interest at heart. If that doesn't help grow your business, I don't know what will!

This is why I've created the Nutrition & Body Image Coaching Skills Course for Personal Trainers: How to Help Without Harming. This course is designed to provide personal trainers with basic skills in nutrition & body image coaching and empower them to provide balanced, sound recommendations, while also assessing for those who are at risk for, or actively struggling with an eating disorder. After completing this course, trainers will be able to confidently make basic nutrition recommendations, understand and execute appropriate weight neutral and body positive language to use with clientele, be able to identify at-risk clients, and develop a script for referral to an eating disorder specialist if needed. 

This is not a self-study course, it is a 4-week live workshop that will meet via video conference. You will have the opportunity to ask questions as they arise, participate in roll-playing exercises, and present your own cases (if you desire). 


This course will run for 4-weeks and meet via video conference (details to come). 

Monday November 20, 2017 @ 1PM EST (90-minutes)
Monday November 27, 2017 @ 1PM EST (90-minutes)
Monday December 4, 2017 @ 1PM EST (90-minutes)
Monday December 11, 2017 @ 1PM EST (90-minutes)
TBD: "Make-up" Date.

Can't make one of the above dates? Don't worry - each session will be recorded and distributed to all participants. Plus, we'll determine a "make-up" day that will help anyone who missed a session to fill in the gaps!

Space is limited, so make sure to reserve your spot now!


NASM: 0.6 CEUs // AFAA: 6 CEUs // ACSM: will match 6 CEUs.