Group Workshops

These workshops are designed for complementary wellness businesses like yoga and fitness studios, gyms, chiropractic or acupuncture offices, physical therapy studios, spas, and more! These workshops can be paid for outright or contracted as a 50/50 revenue split with your organization. 

Intro to intuitive Eating Workshop

Intuitive Eating is an evidence-based practice that helps people make peace with food in order to honor their hunger and fullness, mitigate emotional eating and binge eating, manage feelings of food addiction, and practice gentle nutrition. In this 90-minute interactive workshop, I help participants ditch the diet mentality and instead learn tools to tap into their body's intuition by creating a flexible food structure, learning how to honor their internal hunger and fullness cues, and practicing mindful eating. This workshop includes a supplemental Powerpoint presentation (optional), personal worksheet, and unlimited email support for participants up to one week after the workshop. 

Intuitive Eating MasterClass Series

This four-part series consists of four, 90-minute* interactive Intuitive Eating workshops that build on each other each session. The upside of scheduling a series of workshops is that it allows participants to go home and actually put their new insights into action, knowing that they can return the following week or month armed with questions and feedback. Because Intuitive Eating is not a simple "eat this, don't eat that" diet, it often fosters introspection and allows for an interesting back and forth between myself and participants. This series includes a supplemental Powerpoint presentation (optional), personal workbook, and unlimited email support for participants between sessions. We recommend booking weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly for best results.

Series Outline

  • Session 1: Intro to Intuitive Eating Workshop
  • Session 2: Intuitive Eating Deep Dive & Group Coaching Session
  • Session 3: Addressing Weight Concerns and Improving Body Image
  • Session 4: Emotional Eating and Feelings of Food Addiction