last-minute personal training

Last-Minute Personal Training gives you the opportunity to book a discounted training session and gives me the opportunity to fill me schedule with wonderful clients like yourself. This offering is ideal for someone who is not interested in doing long-term work with me, but instead just looking for someone to guide them through a mindful, focused, and feel-good training session whenever our schedules happen to match up!

This is ideal for someone who...

  • Doesn't need to commit to a consistent time slot.
  • Has a flexible schedule.
  • Has a movement/training routine in place and is looking for some help to switch things up.
  • Is looking for a drop-in session, not a long-term plan. 
  • Appreciates a discount on a valuable service!

It's important to note that this is not the same as working with me on a regular basis. Long-term clients who commit to weekly or
bi-weekly sessions receive cumulative weekly plans, receive more goal-oriented sessions, and of course, have flexible appointment options!

Here's how it works 

Every Sunday you'll receive an email from me with available Last-Minute Personal Training time slots for that week. These slots will be first-come-first-serve, and can be reserved simply by responding to the email with your full name, email, phone number, and the time-slot you want. You will only have until 5pm EST the next day (Monday) to book, so this offer is always time sensitive. Because I want this to be a win-win, when you take a Last-Minute Personal Training time slot, you'll receive 50% off of your Initial Assessment* or Movement Therapy/Personal Training Session ($87.50 and $62.50 respectively). 

Sessions will take place at my office in Somerville, MA, however, if you live outside of the Boston area, Skype sessions are available. 

*The Initial Assessment is a requirement if you have never worked with me before. 

If you're interested in getting Last-Minute Personal Training notifications, sign up with your name and email below.