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If you answered yes to any of these questions, first you should know you're not alone. You should also know that there is a way to find peace and ease when it comes to healing your relationship with food and your body. When we work together, you'll not only gain insight and awareness into your own behaviors and habits, you'll learn how to shift those behaviors and habits to become the healthiest, happiest, most balanced version of YOU. Together we'll work to combine the science of human physiology with your own body's wisdom to set you up on a path towards healing.

nutrition therapy

Nutrition Therapy is a long-term process of self-discovery and experimentation. I encourage you to come into, and leave each session with a sense of curiosity around your relationship to food and your body. As you move forward through your program, we begin to cultivate habits to help you move away from the diet mentality, implement self-care practices into your daily life, and practice gentle nutrition. We use the tools and practices of Intuitive Eating, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Health at Every Size to help you develop a healthier relationship with food and your body.

Areas of specialty:

weight concerns
binge & emotional eating
feelings of food addiction
- diet trauma recovery

eating disorders and disordered eating
- bariatric support

movement therapy

The goal of movement therapy is two fold. First, we work together to cultivate a healthy relationship with movement and exercise, and then we use the movement as a tool to help you improve your relationship with your body and with yourself.  Each session works to combine the mindfulness, alignment, and breath work of yoga with modern day strength training techniques to help you cultivate body awareness, challenge limiting beliefs, and ultimately connect to your body on a deeper level. Every client receives a customized plan informed by their personal story and wellness goals.

Areas of Specialty:

- overall strength and conditioning
- corrective exercise & rehabilitation
personal training and eating disorder recovery
pelvic floor disorders
- body positive, mind-body, intuitive movement

- movement for mental health & emotional wellbeing


What to expect when you sign up for nutrition and/or movement therapy services

Initial Assessment: In this first session we really get to know each other. In the first part of this session, we dig into a conversation in order to begin to identify the root cause of your symptoms (not just chop off the outer, external branches with a diet and exercise program). We talk about where you’ve been and where you are now in order to make a plan to move forward. We wrap this session up by answering any lingering questions and setting an intention and self-care practice to put into place right away.

Follow-Up Sessions: We'll work to navigate your thoughts and feelings surrounding your relationship with food and your body that are often difficult to talk about. While this work can be deep and emotional, there is also a strong practical component that requires both learning of new habits, and unlearning of old habits that no longer serve you. You might choose to add on Movement Therapy as a means to connect with your physical body, and build a solid foundation so you can feel comfortable and confident engaging in physical activity that you actually enjoy. Through the combination of nutrition and movement therapy you’ll learn how to connect with your body to both eat and move more mindfully and intuitively. You’ll become an expert in yourself. Then, we seal every session with tangible and customized self-care practices you can implement and practice between sessions. 


I currently accept Blue Cross Blue Shield of MA and Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare as a form of payment. Eligibility will vary with each plan, so make sure to contact you insurance company to verify coverage. Click here for my "Insurance Script" so you know exactly what information to gather to verify coverage before booking your first appointment. 

If you are not contracted with the above insurance agencies, you might be eligible for Out of Network Reimbursement. Click here for my "Insurance Script" so you know exactly what information to gather to verify reimbursement before booking your first appointment. 


At this time Jessi Haggerty Nutrition & Movement Therapy accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance and Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare (Nutrition Therapy only), cash, checks, credit card, and HSA/FSA cards as forms of payment.*

Nutrition Therapy

Initial Assessment:  $175
Follow-Up Session: $150

Movement Therapy

Initial Assessment:  $175
Follow-Up Session:  $125
Package of 10:           $995

Package expires within 6 months.
Not to be split into shorter sessions.

Combination of Therapies

Session rates will be prorated accordingly.

All sessions are 50-55-minutes.



I originally hired Jessi because I was working out obsessively and eating minimally but I was not losing any weight. I was frustrated and looking for professional advice - and I got so much more than what I thought I needed. Jessi helped me finally grasp that it's not how much you put into your body, but what you put in your body. She helped me to bring joy back into eating and life back into my workouts. I have awareness about my body now that I have never had before, which helps guide me through what my body really needs in terms of movement and the type of workout that would be the most beneficial at that time. She also helped me to release some of the shame I didn't even realize I had around food, and to be more accepting of the body I have today instead of the body I wish I had. 

Julie S.

Nina W.

"I can not say enough good things about Jessi. Not only did I learn a tremendous amount about nutrition, food and the science behind it all. My goal when I worked with Jessi was not short term weight loss, but rather to learn how to maintain a healthy way to eat long term that was not about food deprivation. What Jessi taught me, I consider life changing. In addition, she provides a safe place to work out issues around food that can be challenging and perplexing. And she does so in a supportive, non judgmental way. I give Jessi five stars!" 

"Jessi Haggerty is everything you could want in a dietitian and personal trainer — she's an expert and she's personable and realistic. She's encouraging, but not in a mean, "boot camp" type of way. And she doesn't expect you to stop eating or count calories. In fact, she's full of tips to help you eat better and feel fuller!" 

Jackie S.

Pam G. 

"I have spent seven years in and out of the ER with partial intestinal obstructions and for the last two years on a clear liquid diet or a bland diet. Physically and mentally I was losing energy but I refused to give up hope and refused to give up my passion in life - dancing. Six months later I am a new person. I am juicing, eating healthy and have not had an ER visit in months! I would not be telling this story had it not been for Jessi. She is intelligent, thinks out of the box, funny, motivating, listened to me, set up a plan for me and never let me give up on my goal. We worked together to achieve this outcome. . She's a gem that should not be hidden!" 

"Jessi is extremely knowledgable... She worked with me to make a customized nutrition and exercise plan that fit my body and life. Jessi went above and beyond to make sure I understood how to exercise effectively to avoid injury and gain lean muscle without having to spend hours in the gym. She is also extremely fun and motivating, which really helped me stay on track!" 

Carli S. 

Erin M.

"I have had the pleasure of working with Jessi Haggerty many times over the last year, and each time I was impressed with her knowledge, professionalism, friendliness, and overall great attitude! Jessi is clearly very passionate about healthy living and whether it's through a one-on-one session, a workshop, or even a retreat she has the amazing ability to connect with people and inspire them to make lasting changes in their diets, fitness routines, and overall lives. I am happy to say Jessi is a good friend of mine and someone that I look forward to working with in the future and would highly recommend!" 

When I came to Jessi, I was really at the end of my rope as far as diets and body image are concerned. I had struggled with cycling through episodes of feeling very obsessed about my food intake and exercise regimen, followed by seasons of feeling extremely apathetic regarding my diet and exercise. I had a lot of resentment and shame towards both my lifestyle and body. Jessi’s comfortable and nonjudgmental approach made each session enjoyable and effective in helping me release shame and guilt around my food and lifestyle choices, and has helped me find a really incredible balance of eating and exercising based on what works for me as an individual. I now feel so much more comfortable in my body and in the way I choose to nourish and move my body everyday.

Meghan M.