Policies & Disclaimers


  • 24-Hour Cancellation Policy: Please respect my cancellation policy. If you cancel your appointment within less than 24 hours, you will be charged for the full-rate of your session.
  • 48-Hour Booking Notice: Please respect my booking notice policy by booking your appointments at least 48-Hours in advance. This will ensure that I have enough time to review preliminary forms and materials.
  • Payment Policy: Payment for services is required at the time of booking. You will not be able to book an appointment without paying.
  • Refunds: I do NOT issue refunds for any services or memberships. Please be absolutely SURE that you want to take on this investment before booking.
  • In-Home Sessions: All sessions are performed in-home. Currently, I travel at no extra charge to homes in Somerville, Cambridge, Charlestown, and Arlington. I also travel to Waltham and Lexington on a limited basis. Please contact me directly to see if you are eligible for a in-home program. 
  • Travel Fee: If you live beyond the Somerville/Cambridge area (within 15 miles), and still want an in-home appointment, I do charge a travel fee as it adds both time and mileage (and sometimes parking fees) to my schedule. The fee is $95 per package.


  • I am trained to diagnose nutrition-related problems NOT medical conditions. I am also licensed to treat nutrition-related issues through food intake and vitamin and mineral supplementation, NOT through prescribed or over the counter medications.
  • Through experience in my graduate studies, and my current work experience with Whole Foods Market, I specialize in developing and cooking healthy, nutrient dense meals and snacks. I HAVE NOT attended culinary school. I am ServSafe certified through the National Restaurant Association, and take all necessary precautions to prevent food borne illness by adhering to all food safety protocols recommended by the National Restaurant Association, and therefore am not liable if you, or a member of your party contracts a food borne illness.
  • Your kitchen is NOT an allergy free facility. While I can omit ingredients from my recipes that contain certain allergens, once the package is open in your home, it is no longer considered allergen free.
  • Please be mindful that nutrition related conditions are multi-faceted, and therefore there are many approaches to treating your conditions. I cannot guarantee a cure for any current conditions, or prevention of any future disease. I can only guarantee that I will take responsible action to help you reach your goals and treat any nutrition and fitness related conditions appropriately and to the best of my ability.
  • Everybody’s body works differently and responds differently. Collaboratively we can figure out what works best for you, but it may require trial and error, as your food choices, lifestyle, stress levels, medications, relationships, and other factors can play into how your body responds to a particular exercise or dietary change. I cannot control or be held responsible for any unforeseen side effects that may occur as a result of your dietary changes.
  • I am NOT a mind reader. It is your responsibility to disclose ALL health related information that will affect your plan. It’s recommended to over-share to ensure that I am taking all aspects into account when creating your plan.
  • I cannot be held responsible for medication side effects, diagnosis, or ANY health related issues that occur during the course of our sessions.