{Ep. 050} Is Your Body Acceptance Conditional? With Guest Liz Fayram


In this episode Liz hits the nail on the head, naming a place where I hung out for a long time: Conditional Body Acceptance (see also: healthism). This idea that you can accept your body at any size, if and only if you are meeting orthorexic ideals. If this resonates for you, you might also know that these ideals differ from person to person, and my (past) ideals not only kept me deeply dissatisfied with my body, they also wreaked havoc on my health and kept me in a disconnected and disordered relationship with food, movement, and my body. Liz also sheds light on how Conditional Body Acceptance also plays a role in the yoga community, and how she is working to spread the Health at Every Size and Unconditional Body Acceptance movement as a newly registered yoga teacher.

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