{ep. 003} Christy Harrison, MPH, RDN

Today I’m speaking with Christy Harrison, a registered dietitian nutritionist and certified intuitive eating counselor based in Brooklyn, NY. She offers online intuitive eating courses and individual nutrition therapy to help people make peace with food and their bodies. Today we dig a little deeper to decipher the difference between the following a diet, and clinging to a diet mentality.

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Christy explains that Intuitive Eating is about self-care, not self-control. When clinging to the diet mentality, you’re likely coming from a place of self-control. This involved a lot of black and white thinking (good foods and bad foods), negotiating (I ate something “bad” now I have to make up for it, via restricting or exercise), and thinking in “shoulds” and “shouldn’ts.” Intuitive eating is more gray. It involves asking yourself questions, pausing to notice what true hunger, fullness, and food satisfaction feels like, and approaching food from a place of curiosity.

At first glance this might all sound a little “woo woo” so make sure to give the full episode a listen to hear a more in depth discussion on the diet mentality. Find out more about Christy at www.ChristyHarrison.com and make sure to subscribe to her amazing podcast, Food Psych in iTunes. You can also find her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Resources Mentioned:

Nourish Your Namaste by Kara Lydon
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