Do You Suffer From Compassion Fatigue?

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of sitting down from my friend from across the pond, Co-Active Life Coach, Hannah Massarella. Hannah and I met through a business coaching program last year and have become active cheerleaders of each others' businesses ever since. 

In this video Hannah points out that so many people look at self-development as a luxury, and she finds that this stigma prevents many of her clients (women in particular) from really thriving. Through both of our businesses we see so many women burn themselves out, and put themselves last. I catch myself doing it a lot too! 

Hannah shares some small, tangible tools we can use on a daily basis to prevent burnout and cope with stress. The best part? These tools are so indiscreet that nobody will ever accuse you of taking too good of care of yourself ;). 

After you check out the video - Hannah and I want to hear from you: what's one "brush your teeth" non-negotiable self-care tip you'll take away from today? Let us know in the comments below!

PS - Hannah talks a lot about meditation in this video. If you're brand new to meditation, here are some of my favorite resources to get you started.

If you're techy: HeadSpace

If you're crunchy: Guided Meditations by Jon Kabat-Zinn

If you're busy: The 4-7-8 Breath.