All About That Bass (and thighs) Workout

I can vividly remember when I discovered the size of my ass. I was in 7th grade, right about when all of the Long Island girls started wearing Hardtail and Solo pants - before Lululemon was a thing. 

Someone made a comment about me having a big butt. "Butt?" I thought... "Is that bad? I thought we were all just trying to have skinny thighs and a flat stomach, since when did people start thinking about butts?" It was a bit overwhelming, to be 14 years old and so confused about what my body was 'supposed' to look like.

As I grew up I just became increasingly aware that I really was, all about that bass, and I didn't really feel like hiding it. I almost always wear some form of fitted pant (hello, Lululemon) and my glute muscles are my absolute favorite to fire up during a workout (just come to one of my classes).

This workout combines some of my favorite glute and thigh exercises and is suitable for all booty-types! 

WARNING: performing these exercises regularly may result in an increased desire to wear tight-fittie clothing, improved body image, and boost in self-confidence when naked. 

All you need for this workout is a towel, and a hardwood floor!

  1. Bridge Set Up: Lay flat on your back with your arms at your sides. Feet are hip-width apart, parallel to each other.
  2. Bridge: Lift the hips up towards the ceiling. Make sure the knees are right over the ankles, and press down all four corners of the feet. Be mindful to relax your low back muscles and really use those booty muscles to hold your hips up here. Hold to stabilize for 60-seconds, then lower the hips half-way to the floor and lift back up. Repeat x 25.
  3. Leg Lift Set Up: Lay on your side, resting your head on your arms. Create a long line between the top of the head and the heals, and make sure hips are stacked. Create a little bit of space between the side of your body and the floor, to engage the abdominal muscles.  
  4. Leg Lift: Lift the top leg up, being mindful to maintain the space between the side of your body and the floor. Lengthen the leg outwards, lower down, lift and repeat x 25. Repeat on the opposite side. 
  5. Clamshell Set Up: Laying on your side, as you did in #3, bend the knees in towards the chest, creating about a 90 degree angle, or less, at the hip joint while tucking the feet back towards your butt. Squeeze the feet together and lift them off of the floor, again, maintaing the lift between the side of your body and the floor.  
  6. Clamshell: Keeping the feet together and lifted, open the knees, pause, and close. Really trying to engage to hip/glute muscles. I like to put my hand on my butt to make sure its working! Repeat 20x on each side. 
  7. Leg Lift Set Up (table top): Setting up into a table top position, place the forearms on the floor so the elbows are under the shoulders, and knees under the hips. Create a long line in your spine and draw the belly muscles up and in. Send the right leg back, keeping the hip, thigh, knees, and toes rotating down towards the floor. Lift the leg up and hold. 
  8. Leg Lift (table top): Move between position #7 and #8, keeping the leg straight and the foot flexed. Make sure your weight is evenly centered between both arms, and both hips are shining down towards the floor. Repeat 25x on each side. 
  9. Plank: Shift onto your hands and toes into a plank position. Make sure the hands are under your shoulders, and you're pressing down in all 10 fingers. Create a long line between the top of your head and your heels, drawing the belly muscles up and in. Hold for 60 seconds.
  10. Plank Leg Lift: Without shifting the hips, lift the right leg, with the foot flexed. Lower and lift 10x. Repeat on the left leg. 
  11. Squat Hold: Standing up, sit back into a squat (you can also do a wall-sit-squat here). Make sure the feet are hip-width apart, the knees are over the ankles, the chest is lifted and the abs are drawing up and in. Sit down as low as you can without compromising your form. Hold here for 60 seconds. 
  12. Sliding Lunge: Standing straight up, place a towel under the ball of your right foot. Slide back into a lunge, with the back leg straight, and the front knee over the ankle. Slide back up to standing, and repeat 20x. On the last one, hold the leg back for 30 seconds before lifting back up. Repeat on the left side. 

If you loved this workout, please share it! And let me know what you thought in the comments below!