Pre-Run Workout

Pre-Run Workout

Are you a runner who often hits the pavement without do much as doing a quick side stretch? If this is you, listen up! While running is great cardiovascular exercise, it's not so great for our joints. The repetitive single-plane motion of running can cause a lot of unnecessary wear and tear on our joints, ligaments, and already weak and tight hip flexor muscles. 

Bands & Booty Workout

All you need for this workout is two resistance bands: a heavy (or heavier) band and a light (or lighter band). If you have a yoga mat, I would also roll that out.


5 Moves in 5 Minutes

Tackle this total body workout in just 5 minutes! No equipment required.

If you have more time (I bet you do), try it 2-3x through with a 3-minute break between rounds. Leave a comment below and let me know what you think!


Total Body Mat Workout

This is a GREAT workout to do, well all the time, but particularly if you're traveling, or squeezing in a workout at home where you have minimal equipment. All you need for this one is your own body and an (optional) yoga mat. We'll work every muscle group in a short 20-minutes. 

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Jump Rope HIIT Workout

Last year I got into jump roping. Like really got into it. It's one of those activities that's super challenging, but also makes you feel like a kid again. Adding some jump rope moves into your workout routine is a great way to squeeze in your dreaded cardio workout without logging hours on the elliptical or treadmill. 

Today's BodyLove workout is just 10 minutes, and consists of only five moves that use just your body weight. In between each move we'll grab a rope to get the hard rate up and test coordination. If you don't have a rope - no worries! Just try it mimicking the arm and foot motions. You'll still get in a great workout! If you have the time (and energy) try this workout two times through!

PS it was a sunny day! Apologies for my especially washed-out look in the intro. 


Your At Home Gym (For Under $100)

As I've been spreading the word about my new YouTube Channel, The BodyLove Project, people have been asking "What do I need to do your workouts?" 

For many of them, you don't need a thing, but below is a list of the equipment that I do use, when I'm not just focused on exercises that use your own bodyweight. Grab these items and you have yourself a complete home (BodyLove approved) gym for under $100. 

Yoga Mat ($21)

This is probably the most basic (and least necessary) piece of equipment. But, it does add a certain level of comfort to your workouts and prevents your sweat from dripping all over your shiny hardwood floors or freshly cleaned carpet. 

Mini Stability Ball ($7)

I live in a tiny one bedroom apartment and don't have space for one of those ginormous full-size stability balls. I love this mini version (just 10 inches across). It's great for abdominal, glute, and inner-thigh work, and I find helps tremendously with form and alignment. 

Free Weights ($30)

Having a set of three (light, medium, and heavy) free weights doesn't take up a lot of space, and can add a whole new list of exercises to your at-home workout routine. I recommend having a set of 3, 5, and 8 lb weights. You can always go heavier as you build strength!

Resistance Bands ($10)

Resistance bands are a great way to add even more weight to your workout without having to lug around heavier dumb bells or free weights. They are also light and compact, making them great to travel with. 

Jump Rope ($6)

Like resistance bands, a jump rope is compact, and great for taking your workout to-go. Its a fun and simple way to add cardio into a basic strength training routine. Not to mention it also works your brain as you coordinate your arm and foot movements to get over the ropes. 

Yoga Blocks (2 for $10)

While optional, yoga blocks are great for restorative yoga stretches, or modifying exercises that might require more flexibility. 

Ankle Weights ($12)

ankle weights.jpg

The 80s are back! I know you might feel corny strapping on a pair of ankle weights, but they area great way to add some extra resistances to glute and thigh work we do on the mat. If you're traveling, these can double as hand weights.

Washcloths or Paper Plates (FREE)

I love using towels (or plates if you're on carpet) to add a gliding element to my workouts. These moves really allow you to challenge your core and abdominal  muscles. See what I mean here in my 15-minute Total Body Towel Workout. 

And there you have it! Grand total of $96* at-home gym!

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*Prices and photos from Amazon.com