Ep. 016: Megan Bray on Releasing Shame Through Sharing Her Recovery Story

Today I am talking with Megan Bray. Megan is a Certified Eating Disorder Dietitian working for Food, Mind, Body Wellbeing in Australia. In this episode we talk about her own experience suffering from an eating disorder, and how her lived experience allows her to really empathize with her clients.  

After recovering from her eating disorder, Megan eventually pursued a degree in nutrition and dietetics, but quickly realized she didn’t resonate with the traditional dietetics model. She found that her education was not looking at the big picture of supporting long term health and wellbeing and instead was more focused on a “quick fix”. It was at that point that she discovered Health At Every Size and Intuitive Eating as an alternative method to helping those struggling with food and eating issues.

Now she uses her tools as a practitioner, combined with her lived experience to help her clients reach a full recover. has found that sharing her story can really help others. She explains to clients that this work is not easy and might take a while but in the long run has much more success.  She works in a team who together want to create a community and safe space for support and treatment.

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