{Ep. 061} Is dieting a cult? with Caroline Dooner, author of the f*ck it diet

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Caroline Dooner is a comedian, yoga teacher, and author of “The F*ck It Diet.” Caroline transformed years of suffering through the diet mentality and body image issues into writing, yoga classes, and online courses that guide people towards intuitive eating, self-care, and body acceptance. Overall, Caroline helps chronic dieters come back into their bodies, rest, breathe, and be willing to be human.

In this episode, Caroline reads an enlightening excerpt from her new book and briefly discusses her recovery from diet culture and binge eating. She also talks about how, even after she recovered from dieting and body image issues, she still had a lot of societal “rules” to unpack. After moving out of New York City, Caroline committed to taking two years of “rest,” which taught her the true value of “doing nothing.”

In this episode we talk about:

  • Caroline’s new book, the F*ck It Diet.

  • Why diets are strikingly similar to cults.

  • The importance of taking time to do nothing.


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