The Nutrition & Body Image Coaching course
a training for fitness professionals

As fitness professionals we’re taught to educate, motivate, and inspire our clients. We’re encouraged to frame our services as the “ultimate accountability tool”. We attract clients who want to change their body and change their life. We are taught to cheerlead them through every pound and inch lost, and help them stay consistent with their workouts so they can “get results fast”. Our clients look to us for validation about their dedication to their program, how many calories they burned in a session, and how “good” they were on their diet. We high five them, and of course share every before and after picture on Instagram.

We get so caught up in the #fitspo (fitness inspiration) of it all, that we don’t realize how much our industry glorifies, or at the very least, normalizes disordered eating and exercise behaviors and promotes and exacerbates body shame and dissatisfaction. 


Unfortunately, as personal trainers, we don’t receive any training when it comes to nutrition and body image coaching. We learn about anatomy and physiology, how to do a perfect squat, and how to keep our clients safe with exercise. But if your career path has been anything like mine, you quickly learn that you can't compartmentalize wellbeing. It goes without saying, it is important to honor our scope of practice, but having some basic nutrition and body image coaching skills to help supplement the amazing work we already do as fitness professionals can not only make our clients healthier and happier in the long run, it can establish us as responsible, ethical, and knowledgeable professionals who truly have our client's best interest at heart. That's exactly why I've created this course. 


Forget what you've learned about calorie counting, macronutrient tracking, and elimination diets. We'll dive deep into diet and weight loss science and behavioral nutrition science to learn how to support your client's wellbeing without prescribing another diet. Additionally, you'll learn coaching skills to offer ethical, evidence-based nutrition advice. 


You'll learn everything from how to start the screening process in an initial assessment to when it's time (and how) to refer to a higher level of care; even how to collaborate with the treatment team if necessary. You'll also learn how to apply these same skills to prevent eating disorders in the population you currently serve.


Creating a body positive environment goes beyond helping your clients like the way their body looks. It's about creating an environment that is inclusive to all bodies. You'll learn how to hone your marketing and copy, set the tone in your initial assessment, and how to follow through each follow-up session or class. 


This course is designed to empower fitness professionals to provide balanced, sound and evidence-based nutrition recommendations, while also assessing for those who are at risk for, or actively struggling with an eating disorder. After completing this course, you will be able to confidently make basic nutrition recommendations, understand and execute appropriate weight inclusive and body positive language to use with clientele, be able to identify at-risk clients, and develop a script for referral to an eating disorder specialist if needed. 


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  • a self-study + self-paced course

  • multi-media content

  • 5 modules + over 12 lectures

  • lecture discussion threads

  • supplemental worksheets

  • downloadable business resources

  • extra reading materials

  • real life case-study presentations

  • NASM (1.9) and AFAA (19) CEUs provided


  • lifetime access to the course

  • ongoing access to private Facebook community

  • ongoing weekly “live” Q/As with Jessi

  • opportunity to list your services on
    upon course completion.

1.9 CEUs


Most certifications, like ACE and ACSM will allow you to petition to use credits from an external educator. You’ll have to contact them to confirm, however past participants have had success petitioning! All participants will receive a certificate of completion to submit to any governing agency for CEUs.


Marci Evans


"If you work in the fitness industry in any capacity, take Jessi's course. Her grounded teaching style, highly organized course content, and depth of knowledge will leave you a more skilled and responsible fitness professional. With eating disorder diagnoses on the rise, you'll feel grateful to have these tools in your toolbox."

"Jessi is creating a space for fitness professionals to talk about important issues. The body shaming that happens in the fitness industry has to end. It's so important for us to move our bodies and love our bodies and in order to do that, we've got to let go of the shame and fear surrounding a gym or group exercise space. It's our job to lead the way. Thank you, Jessi for providing this education we all need."

Kate Moore

owner of Get Fit 615


Delisa Richardson

Personal Trainer & Integrative Wellness Coach

"I learned so much from Jessi during this course. I was excited to learn more about the Health at Every Size model so that I could help my clients take a new approach to body health & body image. Jessi provided detailed information, statistics and great studies to read and verify the data. I would recommend this course to any trainer!" 

"This was one of the best decisions I've made for my personal training career. I learned so much about how to frame my recommendations (and my whole business) in a way that's going to hopefully benefit a lot of people with achieving their goals in a healthy way! We had the opportunity to discuss our own backgrounds, Health at Every Size, body image, and eating disorder screening. I would definitely recommend others to take this course!"

Tiffany Longcor

Personal Trainer


Tova Kopstick

CSEP-CPT, PFS, Core Spec.

"This program helped me strengthen my approach to fitness. It's been so great to network and learn from other like minded professionals. In a weight biased society it's easy to feel discouraged. This course has given me new tools to be a successful and confident influencer to my clients."



Option 1: One-Time Payment of $395

option 2: Three Monthly Payments of $139

Option 3: Twelve Monthly Payments of $37



In addition to the cost of becoming a personal trainer or group exercise instructor, we are often required to enroll in about 10 hours of continuing education courses every year - none of which is inexpensive. In an effort to make this course even more accessible, for every 10 fitness professionals who enroll in this course, I will be offering a scholarship to someone in need of financial assistance.

To apply, send an email to with a brief statement telling me a little bit about yourself, your business (or the business you work for), and why you are interested in participating in this course. Scholarships will be offered on a rolling basis and priority for scholarship awards will be given to people who are members of marginalized communities.

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How long do I have to complete the course?

The course content is dripped over a 5-week period. Upon signing up you’ll have access to the first module, and will receive access to one new module per week until the course is complete. However, please note that this course is self-study. You can finish at your own pace and have life-time access to the content. You will be able to download your CEU certificate upon completion.

How long do I have access to the course?

You’ll have lifetime access to the course! Not only does this mean you’ll have access to the course for as long as it’s running, it means you’ll also be able to access updates that are made along the way.

What kind of support do I get throughout this course?

There are two ways you’ll be able to receive ongoing support throughout this course and beyond. First is within the modules, you’ll be able to leave comments on lectures and engage in discussion threads with myself (Jessi) and other students. You’ll also be able to join our private Facebook community where I (Jessi) will host weekly Facebook Live Q/As. The beautiful thing about this course is that you’ll have access to the threads and the Facebook community for the lifetime of the course. Engage in discussion, ask questions, share your thoughts - be a part of a community of like-minded professionals well beyond your graduation!

What if I don’t have my certification through NASM or AFAA? Can I still receive continuing education credits?

This course is only affiliated with NASM and AFAA, however, most certifications, like ACE and ACSM will allow you to petition to use credits from an external educator. You’ll have to contact them to confirm, however past participants have had success petitioning! All participants will receive a certificate of completion to submit to any governing agency for CEUs.

Is this course only for fitness professionals?

This course is geared towards fitness professionals (personal trainers, group exercise instructors, yoga teachers, athletic coaches) but all healthcare professionals are welcome to join! Keep in mind this is a continuing education course and is meant to supplement your training in the healthcare and wellness field, not be a substitute for it.

Will I be able to say I am am Certified in Nutrition & Body Image Coaching?

According to NASM/AFAA, the term “certification” is defined to mean a credentialing process that implements an unbiased measure of an individual’s knowledge and competence in a given field and the term “continuing education” is defined to mean learning content intended to advance the skills and knowledge of an established professional or practitioner in a given field. This is a continuing education course in which you will receive a certificate of completion. This course is designed to supplement your training in the healthcare and wellness field, not be a substitute for it.

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