{ep. 068} in the thick of eating disorder recovery with Shira Rosenbluth


show notes

In this episode I talk Shira Rosenbluth, a social worker/therapist by day and a style blogger by night, known for her blog “A Sequin Love Affair.”  Her blog encourages having fun and dressing in a way that reflects who you are, regardless of budget or body size. The blog also chronicles Shira’s recovery from an eating disorder; this is something that she wasn’t always open about. In this interview, Shira shares why it was important for her, as a therapist, to disclose that she is still in recovery. She also discusses the nuances of being both a fashion blogger, who shares photos of her body, and a health-at-every-size advocate, who believes everyone is more than their body. Further, she shares the many barriers she has faced with access to treatment, and describes that obstacles that many individuals face while trying to pursue recovery.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Why Shira felt drawn to disclose her struggle with an eating disorder on her blog.

  • Barriers to eating disorder treatment (insurance, weight stigma, and more).

  • The nuances of being a body positive fashion blogger.


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