{Ep. 004} Lana Simmons

Lana Simmons

Today I’m speaking with Lana Simmons. Lana is the founder of The Lana Simmons Show and sizeHUMAN. Lana is a recovering chronic dieter who does have a long sordid past with the dieting roller coaster (to include LapBand surgery).  In 2012, Lana decided she’d had enough calories, points, low carb, no carb, paleo, food scale drama to last her a lifetime.  She threw away the scale and practices a Health at Every Size® approach concerning health and fitness.  


In this episode Lana and I talk about how diet culture has made the idea that women need to be small to be valuable, a difficult myth to bust. We talk about Lana’s journey from chronic dieter to her path to practicing self-love (while discovering what loving yourself actually looks like). If you’re someone who has “struggled with weight” this is a must listen.

Learn more about Lana at www.LanaSimmons.com.