Detox Yoga Sequence with Rachel Abrahams

Today marks the official last day of our first ever 21-Day Cleanse! 

I have to say I am SO proud of all of the 'graduates' and I can't wait to share their stories with all of you. But in the meantime, I want to share a very special interview with you all.

What I've loved so much about starting this business (especially on the days where I want to just crawl under the covers and give up) is all of the people from my past who have crawled out of the woodwork to support me. Not because they "have to" but because they are truly engaged with what I'm doing, and it just so happens, what they're doing, aligns oh-so-perfectly.

That's why when my friend Rachel told me she was signing on to do the cleanse I was so excited. Not only is she an old friend (I think we both had braces when we met), she was also my dance carpool buddy, and is now a Registered Yoga Instructor and soon-to-be Pilates instructor in NYC. She is also still a beautiful dancer. 

She offers so many beautiful insights in this interview about what cleansing and detoxing means to her as a yoga teacher, and was so generous to offer a bonus video of an intro Detox Yoga sequence. Check out our interview below, and be sure to scroll down to try her yoga video!


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