{Ep. 007} McKenzie Zajonc on Tapping Into Your Inner Nutritionist

Today I’m speaking with McKenzie Zajonc.  McKenzie has a Masters in Nutrition and a Counseling Degree in Health Psychology and helps trade in their food and body struggle for a more meaningful life through her practice, Inner Nutritionist. You can find more about McKenzie at www.innernutritionist.com.


In this episode McKenzie talks about how to tap into our “Inner Dieter” and our “Inner Nutritionist” to begin to heal our relationship with food. Here’s a quick summary of the distinction between the two, but definitely give the episode a listen for the full scoop.

The Inner Dieter is full for “shoulds” and “shouldn’ts”, is constantly judging food as good or bad, and is always in “fight or flight” mode. The Inner Dieter is full of unrealistic goals (which can especially creep up around New Years!). The Inner Dieter is sneaky. It can also show up as a Diet Rebel. The voice that is telling you to “have a cheat day” or “go off the wagon.” In those moments you might feel like you are not listening to your Inner Dieter, but in fact, you are.

The best way to distinguish your Inner Nutritionist from your Inner Dieter is that in Inner Nutritionist is in the NOW. It is not rolling up past dieting experiences or planning the future. It requires a pause, a checking in. It requires curiosity: What’s my hunger? What’s my fullness? Do I want hot food? Cold food? Something fresh? The Inner Nutritionist is your ally and it’s main concern is that you are able to nourish yourself in the present moment.

McKenzie believes the first step to tapping into your Inner Nutritionist is simply being aware of this. Give the full episode a listen to hear more about how to be more satisfied around food by releasing control and listening to your Inner Nutritionist.

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