{Ep. 009} Rebecca Scritchfield on Body Kindness


It took Rebecca several years in the field to establish her body kindness approach. She started her career in nutrition using methods such as meal planning, calorie counting, fitness tracking, and good ol’ fashioned motivation to help her clients achieve their weight loss goals. After a few years in the business, her weight-centered approach became less motivational and more problematic as she began to notice that her clients believed they were in complete control of the number on the scale. She quickly realized that weight loss was not the answer to her clients problems, but instead the cause. This motivated Rebecca to develop her Body Kindness approach for herself, and for her clients.

In this interview, Rebecca points out that diet books sell because they subtly let you know that you’re not good enough as you are right now, but if you do what they say, you will be better. Wanting to take a different approach, Rebecca wrote her book, Body Kindness. Body Kindness is not a set of rules that must be followed, it is an approach where you can tailor a way of eating that is going to fit you best. If you want to learn more about the Body Kindness approach, click here to purchase the book, and listen to the full episode below! Make sure to scroll down to see the resources mentioned in this episode, like Rebecca's website, and her Free Body Kindness Course.