Passion Project: ALIVE Dance Collective

A few years ago I performed in a small dance showing during National Choreography Month. I had my camera with me to try to capture some shots of the dance I choreographed, and caught some pretty cool shots of some other dancers as well. I posted the photos, got super busy, and haven't stepped into a studio since then unless it was to teach my barre or exercise classes.

Then, a few months ago I was presented with an opportunity to photograph fellow dancer, Brenna Bannister's new dance collective: ALIVE.  

"...Uh sure... but I just have a nice camera, I don't really know what I'm doing." I believe was exactly how I answered the request. 

Brenna didn't seem to mind, and we quickly scheduled a date to take some photos! 

I got to spend a better portion of a Sunday shooting these beautiful ladies, and here are a few of my favorite shots. They were such troopers - given my novice photography skills they definitely got a workout, doing each of these poses about 10 times each!

The part about all of this that makes me all warm and fuzzy inside? If you have something you're thinking about, but feel "not ready" to take the leap - just take one step. Want to become a photographer? Go take some photos. Want to start a dance company? Go meet some dancers. Just start. Then leap. Just like Nicole is in the second photo of the gallery below ;).

Check out ALIVE Dance Collective here!