Where Should We Eat: Phoenix

Thanks so much to Kelli Shallal MPH, RD, owner of Hungry Hobby LLC for contributing to this week's Where Should We Eat post! Kelli lives in Phoenix, AZ and provides virtual and local one on one nutrition counseling. Kelli emphasizes a holistic view point and intuitive eating principles. You can find her at In addition she is also the author of her blog,  Hungry Hobby and where she shares healthy recipes, quick workouts as well as health tips.  Follow her on instagram, pinterest and facebook for more healthy living tips and continue reading to check out her Phoenix recs!

Serranos (Multiple Locations) | $$

Serranos is a family owned Mexican Food Arizona-only chain of restaurants in the valley.  It is actually where we had our wedding reception at and our go to spot for Mexican food. While they have all the traditional Mexican food dishes there you could want, they also have a few lighter options that are still packed full of flavor.  My favorite “lighter option” is their shrimp fajitas packed with flavor, grilled veggies and big juicy shrimp, delicious!

Hillside Spot Café (Phoenix, Arizona) | $$

This little gem has a wonderful indie feel, a super laid back atmosphere, and amazing food.  We’ve eaten there for breakfast and lunch and they never disappoint. In the morning there is a great full service coffee bar as well as fresh squeezed orange juice.  In the afternoon they have everything on tap from local brews to imports, plus wine and delicious eats.  

One awesome thing about their menu is they serve breakfast all day with lunch/dinner starting at 11am.  My favorite healthy option is the farmers omelet PACKED full of veggies like you’ve never seen and served with fruit or toast. However, they are known for their delicious Croque Madame which is huge piece of artisan bread topped with shaved ham and melty cheese.  Optional to top with a fried egg for the ultimate breakfast. 

Perfect Pear (Phoenix, Arizona) | $$

Two locations one in the Phoenix-Tempe border and the other found in Ahwatukee foothills.  We found the service to be a bit better in the Phoenix location than the Ahwatukee location but the food is delicious at either.  We love their sweet potato fries as an appetizer, they have the best seasoning and dipping sauce!

Top Pick: Fall Harvest Salad with Salmon.  This salad is piled high with so many good toppings you will forget it is even salad.  Complete with butternut squash, quinoa, bacon, and candied walnuts over a huge bed of lettuce be prepared for leftovers!

The Orginal Burrito Co.  (Phoenix, Arizona) | $

So many mornings we spent going on Burrito Co “runs” for epic breakfast burritos.  It’s a drive through but they have tons of healthy customizable options like whole wheat tortillas and egg whites.  Their breakfast burritos are delicious but so are their lunch/dinner options like their shrimp burritos.  If you are in the Phoenix/Tempe area and need a quick meal definitely give this place a shot!  

Four Peaks Brewery (Tempe, Arizona) | $$

 If you want a delicious hand crafted burger with a local brew then this is place to go.  Four Peaks, located in the heart of Tempe where the Arizona State University Sun Devils mark their territory, is known for it’s fun atmosphere and delicious food.  The brew is coveted by locals and sold at many establishments in the valley, however it’s always the best right from the source.   They have tons of epic burgers, sandwiches and salads to chose from, you really can’t go wrong with any of their cold brews and chews.  

Joe’s Farm Grill(Gilbert, Arizona) | $$

If you are venturing out into the East Valley then you absolutely cannot miss Arizona’s tribute to the popular show Diners, Drive Ins and Dives.  If you think you wouldn’t eat at a place like that, think again.  Located on a huge farm, everything that is grown on the farm goes to the restaurant so this isn’t your typical diner.  While they have the traditional food like burgers and pizza they also have unique farm fresh menu items such as Seared Ahi Tuna Salads, date shakes and beet salads.  It’s definitely worth your time to check it out! 

Duck and Decanter (Phoenix, Arizona) | $

My family has been going to this local sandwich shop centrally own and operated for years.  In addition to wonderful salads and sandwiches they also have a fully stocked wine and beer bar.  They have tons of open seating both inside the eclectic old building which stands on it’s own among the just built stucco buildings and parking garage, or outside for picnic.  You could spend hours browsing their tea and coffee selections as well as other fun items in their store.  Or, grab a glass of pinot and listen to the live entertainment on the weekends.  Well known to the locals you’ll be sure to enjoy delicious food and great entertainment if you stop in.  I like to build my own salad or build my own sandwich but my family loves all their menu options as well.   

Postinos (Phoenix & Gilbert Locations) | $$

Postinos is one of the most popular wine bar locations in Arizona.  Happy hour is almost always packed with groups of people enjoying appetizers and drinks seated on couches and other trendy seating arrangements.  Unlike other trendy spots though, the food is just as good as the atmosphere.  Make sure to try one of their flatbreads and you won’t be disappointed!  

Roaring Fork (Phoenix/Scottsdale) $$$

Located on the border of Scottsdale and Phoenix right outside of Scottsdale Fashion Square this place is a hidden gem.  Thanks to yelp I celebrated my birthday there and it did not disappoint.  Pricing is a bit higher than other recommendations on this list but every penny worth it, especially for a special occasion. The atmosphere was upscale but laid back. The menu items were fresh with minimal ingredients and absolutely divine. Lamb skewers are at the top of my list to get again!

Did we miss a spot? If you're a Phoenix native or a frequent flyer, let us know your favorite spot to eat in the comments below!