food for thought

Persist and Progress


A few nights ago I woke up from my sleep with this phrase in my head: Persist & Progress. I don't know where it came from, but I certainly knew why. Usually, my midnight thoughts are fleeting, but this was something I was meant to share.

You see, success, failure, happiness, sadness, anger, joy... it doesn't just happen to us.  It's there waiting for us.  And for some reason, it's easier to find the negative feelings than the positive ones. But that's not the point.

The point is that it's our responsibility to find those positive feelings. To set a goal - a vision for where we want to be; persist on that path and commit to progressing without getting distracted by all of the constant negativity that blocks us from getting to where we want to go.

The I'm-not-good-enough/smart-enough/funny-enough thoughts that live rent-free in our heads are just road blocks delaying our journey to whatever it is we're looking for.

So why did this thought come to me? Because I found myself drowning. Not literally, but figuratively in the i-can't-i-won't-i'm-sick-of-this-shit thoughts that were marinating my brain and then finding their way out through my eyeballs. It's been months - no years... actually pretty much my whole life since I wanted to start my own business, and now I'm going for it.

Yes, I am still working a full-time day job which makes this all a bit more challenging. But something inside of me came out to remind me, and now you, that we just need to persist and progress.

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