{Ep. 028} Vallery Kalen on Fatphobia and Thin Privilege

In this episode Valery shares what it was like growing up with a family who was grappling with fat phobia, and how that influenced her relationship with food and her body. This became extremely problematic when she was suffering from an eating disorder, and simultaneously being validated and praised for making her body smaller. Valery also shares how her disordered eating patterns were validated when she went back to school to study nutrition... "it was like joining the orthorexic club" she told me, off mic. 

One topic that we covered, that we haven't talked much about on this podcast yet, is thin privilege. And while this concept might not make sense to you at first, Valery really summed it up in her intro quote... as a thin person, you can walk down the street eating an ice cream cone and nobody will look twice at you. But if you're someone in a larger body eating an ice cream cone, then you're unhealthy, lazy, or lack self control and willpower. 

Make sure to listen to our full conversation to learn more!

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