{Ep. 042} Stephanie Waitt on Glorifying Eating Disorders in the Fitness Industry


Dr Stephanie Waitt specializes in treating eating disorders at her practice, Texoma Specialty
Counseling. In her work with people she aims to help men and women find balance, peace,
confidence, and happiness with their bodies, relationships, and life. She emphasizes the
importance of self-care and encourages people that being a little selfish is a really good thing.
Stephanie is also an online recovery coach. In her recovery coaching Stephanie helps people
learn to find peace with their bodies and ditch dieting. She helps people find confidence and the
power to live the life they want right now! You can learn more about her practice and online
recovery coaching at www.texomaspecialtycounseling.com. She offers you a free 7-Day
Confidence Building Challenge at www.notafailure.com.

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