{Ep. 044} Rachel Estapa on Wellness in the Body Positive Space


For years, Rachel Estapa felt that, in order to get people to like her, she needed to change her body. Comments like, "you have a big belly," or "you're not graceful" defined who she was in the world. In college, she successfully pursued a weight loss journey that she thought would open up more opportunities that were previously off limits due to her size. When this didn't happen, Rachel felt angry and betrayed by both herself and society. In a moment of grief, Rachel cried to her husband, "there has to be more to love about me than this!" Thus was born, More to Love Yoga.

Rachel's first experience with yoga was challenging as she unknowingly took a hot yoga class and wound up outside in the middle of a Boston February, grateful for the cold air. But, she kept going until she found a class that, in yoga's true and authentic form, allowed her to just be. No judging, no comparing, no overthinking. After that, she chose to study at Kripalu, learning yoga skills specifically for teaching to larger bodies.

Rachel currently teaches weekly yoga classes in Somerville, MA and offers an online WELL by MTL wellness program. She aims to educate and support plus size people on body acceptance and self-worth. Tune into the whole episode to learn more about Rachel's journey to ditching diet culture, embracing her body and leaning to live an authentic and abundant life.

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