{Ep. 062} Creating an Embodied Movement Practice with Lauren Minear

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show notes

Lauren Minear is a psychotherapist and yoga teacher who focuses on treating disordered eating, eating disorders, body image, anxiety, and trauma. Her treatment approach is informed by a commitment to social justice and attention to the impact that trauma, relationships, and culture have on the body. Lauren is also the creator of InBodied Yoga® a movement practice that empowers all bodies to practice self-care through yoga poses, mindfulness, breath work, therapeutic exercises, and guided visualizations.

In this episode, Lauren discusses what led her to becoming a psychotherapist and yoga teacher (after starting a career investment banking). Then, Lauren dives deep into trauma-informed movement. She elaborates on how to create healing spaces for individuals recovering from trauma and/or eating disorders. She also touches on nervous system regulation through movement, and on the importance of integrating movement into your life, rather than compartmentalizing it into “exercise.”

In this episode we talk about:

  • Lauren’s path to becoming a psychotherapist.

  • How she went from investment banker to yoga teacher.

  • Trauma informed movement.

  • Nervous system regulation and the body’s response to trauma.

  • How we can use movement for more than “exercise.”


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