{ep. 063} Tally Rye on weight-inclusive fitness

show notes

Tally Rye is a personal trainer and group fitness instructor in Central London. She trains with a weight-neutral approach and frames exercise as an act of self-care for the body AND mind. Her mission is to empower clients with the support to feel comfortable and confident in a fitness environment, and to change perceptions of exercise as a tedious punishment to something that can be intuitive and fun. She encourages intuitive training by intentionally directing clients to listen to their body cues.

In this episode, Tally describes her transition from studying to musical theater to working in fitness, and her transition from a weight-centric to weight-neutral approach to wellness. She shares nuggets of wisdom and important realizations she has had while incorporating Health at Every Size and intuitive eating into her work as a trainer. Her perspective is highly informative for any trainer hoping to take a body positive approach to their work. Tally explains why rejecting “traditional” fitness marketing (based on shame and guilt) has ultimately helped her business to grow and helped her clients enjoy their sessions more.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Tally’s path to becoming a personal trainer.

  • Tally’s shift from weight-centric to weight-neutral wellness

  • How she educates clients on Health at Every Size and intuitive movement

  • Reframing exercise as a form of self-care


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