Let's Talk About Poop

Yes. I’m serious. If you would have told me when I was 5 that my career would involve so much talking about poop, I’d of called ya crazy. But it’s true. I talk about it A LOT. And my 5-year old self is pretty excited about it.

Why? Because by paying attention to whats coming out of our bodies can actually tell us a lot about what to put in our bodies to begin the healing process and regulate your metabolism.

So to start let me say this: You should be pooping about every single day.

Now let’s face it - if you’re not pooping everyday you’re probably feeling bloated, tired, and blah. So if this is you - it's time to click play and watch this week's #MeetUpMonday where I share 5 things you need to start incorporating MORE of into your life to get your daily doo.

Below is chart that is used frequently in hospitals to record people’s bowel movements… their poops. Dr. Mercola calls Type 4 The “holy grail” of poop. It should be smooth and soft and pass easily!

You may have found that your poop patterns will change if you’re experiencing stress, lack of sleep, or traveling. You have to do a bit of trial and error to figure out what works best for you. As always you know I’m here for you! I love talking about poop so if you feel you need a little more one-one guidance, let's work together!

Thanks for meeting up. See you next week!