Jump Rope HIIT Workout

Last year I got into jump roping. Like really got into it. It's one of those activities that's super challenging, but also makes you feel like a kid again. Adding some jump rope moves into your workout routine is a great way to squeeze in your dreaded cardio workout without logging hours on the elliptical or treadmill. 

Today's BodyLove workout is just 10 minutes, and consists of only five moves that use just your body weight. In between each move we'll grab a rope to get the hard rate up and test coordination. If you don't have a rope - no worries! Just try it mimicking the arm and foot motions. You'll still get in a great workout! If you have the time (and energy) try this workout two times through!

PS it was a sunny day! Apologies for my especially washed-out look in the intro. 


20-Minute Low Impact Workout

This workout is designed to work every muscle group in your body with as little impact as possible. That means no moving up and down from the floor and no (required) jumping or hopping. This is a great workout if you are new to exercising or at a time in your life where you might need some modifications, like pregnancy. Of course, make sure you are cleared to exercise before giving it a try.

Because this workout is way more fun when your body is moving to some music, I've created a complementary Spotify playlist. The video will prompt you when to press play and then you are good to go!

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Slow Cardio - Low Impact, High Intensity Workout to Increase Your Heart Rate

Slow Cardio - Low Impact, High Intensity Workout to Increase Your Heart Rate

Looking for ways to increase your heart rate without pounding on the treadmill? Look no further. This 15-minute low-impact, high intensity workout is sure to increase your heart rate without harming your joints. Plus, you'll build strength through your core, lower, and upper body.