{ep. 034} F*ck Your Fitspo with Sarah Vance


Sarah Vance is a Body Image Coach, creator of #FuckYourFitspo, and host of the Reclaiming You Podcast. She specializes  in helping people all over the world let go of diet dogma, body hate, perfection, and all or nothing thinking so they can reconnect with their values, understand their worth, and live their damn lives unapologetically.  She believes that we all have more important things to offer to this world than our appearance, health, or fitness level.

On top of helping others Reclaim Themselves she is vocal about the BS within the health and fitness industry and pulls from her knowledge as an ICU nurse and experience as a former bikini competitor, fitness model, and personal trainer.  For more of her, visit her website sarahvance.com where you can grab her free eBook, listen to Reclaiming You, and check out her DIY beginners body image program Breaking Boundaries.

In this episode Sarah and I talk about how the fitness industry normalizes disordered eating and an overall disordered relationship with exercise and our bodies. Sarah explains how #Fitspo (Fitness Inspiration) is actually not inspiring at all, and it gives people the sense that they are inferior or “less than” if they are not able to meet the fitness industry’s standard of “health” (where health usually equals thin). She offers up a few simple tips on how to engage in more weight and body neutral movement practices, and really  learn how to take care of your body, without dieting or exercising it into submission.

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