{Ep. 035} Crystal Karges on Pregnancy and Postpartum after ED Recovery


Crystal Karges is a registered dietitian nutritionist and certified lactation consultant who specializes in maternal and child health, family wellness, intuitive eating, and eating and feeding disorders. In this episode Crystal and I talk about the aspects of pregnancy and postpartum that really don’t get enough airtime in our culture. Like how weight is just one of many - MANY - factors that contribute to your ability to conceive, have a healthy pregnancy, or have a healthy baby.

Throughout the conversation Crystal shares her own story with how constant weight and body centric conversations between doctors, friends, and yes, even complete strangers was extremely triggering as someone with a history of an eating disorder. She also stresses that you don’t have to have a history of an eating disorder to find weight and body centric conversations triggering or traumatic. This narrative plays into the social pressures to “get your body back” after pregnancy and dieting becomes a coping mechanism for the stress and possible depression that can develop postpartum. Listen to our full conversation below to learn more about how you can advocate for yourself and how you can support the moms-to-be in your life.

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